Passion Project: Hyper

Concept Design / UI Design

Created a new digital experience that streamlined
the sneaker raffle and resale processes


I am an avid sneaker collector. Sneaker companies such as Nike and Adidas have partnered with artists worldwide, such as Hiroshi Fujiwara, Virgil Aboh, and Tom Sachs, to produce one-of-a-kind sneakers. These collaborative sneakers are often produced in limited supply, resulting in a significant resale value. To address some of the problems I observed in the sneaker resale market, I initiated the Hyper project.


Collecting coveted sneakers in the resale market requires sneaker enthusiasts to go through numerous steps and accept various risks. Some of the major issues include:

1. The presence of counterfeit sneakers in the resale market
2. The time-consuming and complex process of buying and reselling sneakers
3. Unnecessary shipping that contributes to a larger carbon footprint and prolongs the resale process


Design a mobile application that simplifies the entire sneaker resale experience by integrating the raffle and reselling processes into the initial purchase experience, resulting in:

1. Elimination of the risk of counterfeit sneakers
2. A unified raffle entry for all participating sneaker shops
3. Reduced carbon footprint and faster resale time

Passion Project: Hyper


Sneaker culture is fascinating. Sneaker companies strategically produce limited quantities of sneakers to control the exclusivity and cultural significance of the product. Nike is particularly skilled at this subtle balance. This has led to two types of buyers - those who purchase to wear, even at a higher resale value, and others who purchase with the intent to resell for a profit. This got me thinking: if there is demand from both sides of this two-sided market, what if I could connect buyers and sellers of the resale market right at the point of the original purchase before any shipment takes place?

To address this, I conducted extensive research to gain a comprehensive understanding of all the processes, key issues, and market competition. The following is a summary of my findings and the design inspiration for the Hyper app.

Understanding the process

The sneaker resale process involves three distinct stages: entering a raffle, making a purchase, and reselling. The raffle entry process is laborious and time-consuming as each sneaker shop has its own unique system. Even after winning the raffle, there is a waiting period for the sneakers to be delivered from the shop, which then needs to be shipped and authenticated before they can be resold on resale platforms.

Passion Project: Hyper

Current Resale Process Flow

Competitive landscape analysis

Several services currently exist that facilitate the sneaker resale experience. Nike's SNKRS app offers a raffle system for Nike sneaker releases, while StockX, Goat, and eBay provide more secure resale transactions. The following is an analysis of the competitive landscape of some of the most widely used services within the sneaker culture.

Passion Project: Hyper

Competitive Landscape


I used the visual elements of shipping warning labels and baseball cards in the design of the app. The colors commonly found on warning labels were incorporated throughout the app to reflect the common problem of sneaker damage during delivery. In addition, I used the format of baseball trading cards to present sneakers on the app. Both baseball cards and sneakers can be collected, cherished, and sold in the secondary market for a profit, which served as inspiration for the design.

Image alt tag

Shipping warning labels

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Baseball trading cards


I chose to implement the double auction process to simplify the buying and selling process. This process allows the trade to proceed at the matching price of the buyer and seller's respective bids. My goal was to make the app experience as straightforward as possible, similar to an online shopping experience.

Buying process

Users participate in a raffle to win the opportunity to purchase sneakers, and if they are successful, they can either buy the sneakers at the retail price or put them up for auction to resell.

Passion Project: Hyper
Passion Project: Hyper

Resale process

Users who have been chosen in the raffle can either decide to resell their sneakers via auction by listing them or keep them for themselves. Users who were not selected in the raffle have the opportunity to place a bid to buy the sneakers from those who were successful in the raffle. The buying and selling process is done through a double auction system, where buyers and sellers are matched. The payment and shipping details are only shared with the sneaker shops once the auction is completed.

Passion Project: Hyper

Hyper App Resale Process Flow

Passion Project: Hyper
Passion Project: Hyper

Collectible sneaker card

Hyper app's collectible sneaker card allows users to keep track of their sneaker collection by providing a physical and digital record of the sneakers they have purchased and sold. These cards are only available for purchases made through the Hyper app and include details such as the sneaker information, purchase price, and the store that fulfilled the order. Users will receive both physical and NFT versions of the card.

Passion Project: Hyper
Passion Project: Hyper


Creating the Hyper app was a fun and enjoyable process for me as a sneaker enthusiast. The design process reminded me of the importance of thoroughly understanding the topic, as well as considering the user's journey and emotions throughout the experience.

I'm thrilled to see more people becoming passionate about sneakers and how various communities and cultures are brought together through this shared interest. I hope that my Hyper project contributes to the growing excitement and innovation in the sneaker culture, and serves as inspiration for future products.